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"It’s hard to believe that anyone in the pawn business wouldn’t use it." - Tim Pult
As the regional buyer for Best Collateral in Northern California, Tim Pult frequently evaluates Rolex pawns and buys for authenticity, as well as accurate product pricing to their customers. Until now, Tim use to spend extensive amounts of time on the phone with several biased buyers to validate the new purchases. Now he uses and the interactive Authenticator Pro for Rolex, and within minutes, runs the authenticator, generates a comprehensive report, and gets an up-to-date watch value. He no longer worries about questions about counterfeits or if they are maximizing profits. "Watch CSA gives me the ability to be the expert in a matter of minutes!" he says. "I consider Watch CSA a mainstay of the professional’s tool kit. It’s hard to believe that anyone in the pawn business wouldn’t use it."


"Made the difference in several thousand dollars in revenue." - Chris Stephenson
Chris Stephenson at August Stephenson Jewelers, a top ranked retail jeweler in Tampa Bay, Florida says Watch CSA increases his success. "I was in stiff competition with local jeweler. It was clear buying and selling pre-owned Rolex was neccessary to get the edge over the competition. Using Watch CSA helped us generate revenues in an untapped niche." Stephenson also says, "We were astounded at the innovative features behind the Authenticator Pro for Rolex. It's simple, highly effective, and makes us look like the expert! It made the difference in several thousand dollars in revenue."


"Priceless." - Andy Edminston
As a watch trader on the road buying & selling, Andy Edminston of Watches Wanted needed access to key information regarding various Rolex models – whether it's during the middle of a trade show or meeting with a private. With Watch CSA, Edminston knows that he will always have access to critical watch buying information. "On a good day, I may evaluate 12 to 15 pre-owned Rolex," he says. "I need to be 100% sure that what I am buying is exactly what I am paying for. I consider myself an expert, but even experts need to access information. Books are inferior, out dated, and just plain ineffective for my needs. Accessing Watch CSA's comprehensive reports is quick, easy and answers all my questions. I wouldn't be without it, nor should you!"

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