pawnshop seminars

Are you looking to increase your pawnshop’s ability to buy, sell, and loan on watches?  Or, are you a pawnbroker new to the watch market?

We have a new way to train your pawnshop to spot fakes, including the top tier super fakes that are scamming the pawnbroker marketplace.

This is how our state-of-the-art, modern training technology gets you in the game fast and keeps you ahead of the progressive counterfeits like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai and Hublot:

  • We provide an interactive seminar for attendees so everyone is engaged and actively learning.
  • Access 5,000 Rolex images via mobile and learn to stop fakes in a simulated environment.
  • We stream online content to ensure all attendees are actively learning.
  • We train you through immersion, increasing your built-in reflexes for busting fakes.
The way WCSA is approaching pawnshop training for watch identification sets us apart from the standard seminars, with a goal of shorter, richly engaged and interactive training periods. The benefits to your shop are positive: higher retention; less cost to you; and higher profits.

Pawnshop Watch Seminar Package

  • Initial meeting to discuss your goals
  • INTERACTIVE Pawnshop Seminar at your location
  • Includes a Watch CSA Gold Membership (1 location / 1 Year)
  • Includes a Watch CSA Online Employee Training Program for ongoing education
  • Watch CSA Onboard Training (remote) – we give you access to all our online tools
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings where we hone your team’s skill set in a community space
  • Ongoing Text/Phone Support
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