Report Number:
Brand Name: Rolex
Model Number: 16610
Serial Number: hhahaha

Dealer Verified: Yes
Authentication Verified: No
Current Appraisal: Yes
Warranty Coverage: No
Value Appreciation: Not Protected
Loss Prevention Protection: Deactivated



Feedback: Excellent
History: +80/-0

4501 COLUMBIA AVE,(Optional),DALLAS,TX,75226

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Serial Number
Searched over 53,000 Known Counterfeits
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Multi-Point Authenticity Verification Process
     Report Not Available

Evaluated by Authorized Agent:
Watch Case Inspection
 PASS     Minimal wear
Watch Dial Inspection
 PASS     Very Good Condition
Watch Bracelet Inspection
 PASS     Strap in 85% condition
Watch Movement Inspection
 PASS     Excellent Condition
Authentication ID Card
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About Authorized Agent

Appraised Value:
Not Protected

About Featured Appraiser

Warranty Issued:
1 Year limited Warranty
Expiration Date:
Valid Through 12/26/2012     View Card

At no cost to the owner, all watch verification reports
come standard with watch recovery services:

WCSA Stolen Database: Insert lost model & serial into global database to aid in recovery. 24/7 Network Alert: Alerts reported to the 3 national trade organizations, including WCSA members in the specific area of the missing merchandise. NPA Notification: email alerts to over 3,000 National Pawnbroker Association members.