Watch CSA Watch Assist Ultimate ™ reports will take your sales to a new level! We provide a report for your watch that supports the authenticity, displays verification of your business, and supports you as a retail/online seller. It’s an amazing confidence builder for your company and will position your business as a top tier, responsible seller of Swiss timepieces.

Watch Assist Ultimate ReportsDiamond Membership

Need more information? Read the details below for the numerous benefits of a Watch Assist™ Ultimate Report.

Imagine increasing your store watch sales 30%, 40%, 50%! Order Watch Assist™ Ultimate Reports
and watch your business reap the benefits!

• Add Major Confidence to your product at the point of sale
• Display your product as superior, eliminating and doubts about authenticity or condition
• Completely visible on Social Media & Ebay
• Add transparency to all of your watch inventory & brand your business and website in the process

How do our Watch Assist™ Ultimate Reports make your business look like the expert and your product the best choice?
• Your company is verified and recommended within every report
• Your business website is accessible in every watch report via a clickable banner
• All product is displayed in the report for Authenticity, Appraisal, Condition, and Dealer Verification
• All watch reports create a historical point of reference that customers love
• All the watches you sell with reports are backed with WCSA recovery assistance just in case they are lost/stolen

How does your business order reports?
• Go to your member home and click on "create Watch Assist™ Ultimate Report"
• You follow the steps on adding information for the watch including high-resolution images of the timepiece for review
• Within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order, we will post the newly issued Watch Assist Ultimate ™ to your account, ready for viewing by your potential customer!

Your prospective customers see a business that creates a valuable resource for their timepieces that allows for:
• Clients to view watch inventory reports on their mobile while in the store or shopping your website
• Clients can view graphics on your Ebay listings that direct them right to your Watch Assist™ Ultimate Report
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