Watch Authentication & Training Seminars

Are you looking to increase your pawnshop’s ability to buy, sell, and loan on watches? 

Watch Training Seminar Package

  • Initial meeting to discuss your goals
  • INTERACTIVE Watch Training Seminars at your location or via Zoom (optional)
  • Watch CSA Onboard Training (remote) – we give you access to all our online tools
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings where we hone your team’s skill set in a community space
  • Ongoing Text/Phone Support

LIVE Online Training Hosted By a Watch CSA Expert

Customize your watch training package by selecting 5 of the 8 courses below:

  • Watch Basics Course
  • Rolex Basic Fundamentals Course
  • Intro to the Rolex Brand
  • Quality: Fake vs. Genuine Identification
  • Enter the Super Fakes
  • Franken Watches & Conversions
  • How to Rate Condition & Value
  • Merchandising & Legal Disclosures

Up to 8 hours live, virtual watch training courses + LMS testing/course certification.

Virtual Seminars use our industry-leading watch authentication data and give all attendees an interactive training experience using their mobile to authenticate in real-time.

This virtual seminar package includes up to 5 trainees

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(Contact sales if you need to discuss an In-House Seminar)

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